I am a multimedia creative aspiring to deliver engaging and meaningful visuals that enhance digital experiences.

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

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Design & Illustration
Visual Content Production
Davinci ResolveAdobe After EffectsAdobe PremiereAdobe IllustraterAdobe XdFigmaBlender
Adobe Photoshop

A little about me:


🎬 My dedication to visual media has been unwavering. Initiated in high school, I gained foundational experience in directing, camera operation, and event capture.


🎨 My professional journey truly began at the Jurmala and Riga Art Fairs. There, I directed a series of performances, infused with dance, mixed media and music, intricately weaving the concept of identity into vibrant visual narratives.


📚 At the University of Leeds, my academic pursuit in BA Film, Photography, and Media refined my proficiency. Beyond mastering the Adobe Creative Suite, I ventured into graphic design, illustration, and motion graphics, augmenting my creative versatility.


🎸 My time at university was marked by collaborations on live music video productions and photoshoots, striving to encapsulate the essence of local talent and hone my skills in digital production.


🎥 Covid-19 presented challenges, but resilience led me to creating my debut short film, ‘MOM’. This piece highlighted the valiant sacrifices of medical professionals torn between their Hippocratic Oath and personal safety. Garnering attention at 26 International Film Festivals, it was lauded with 5 awards.


🎹 Marrying my media skills with marketing, I undertook a pivotal role at the Leeds International Piano Competition. As a Marketing Coordinator, I was instrumental in social media management, content creation, and live event capture, curating both online and offline marketing assets.


💻 2021 Subsequently, as a Jr. Marketing Manager at Tungsten Media, my skill set expanded further. Mastering video editing in DaVinci Resolve, DSLR operations, and behind-the-scenes content creation, I took a deep dive into web design, CMS, and tools such as Figma and Webflow.


🔍 I developed further in my role at Tungsten Media, taking charge of analytics, email marketing, and cross-platform paid advertising. I successfully leveraged performance measurement and current trends to create high-performing organic content for social media.


🎓 This year, I’m advancing my academic horizon with an MA in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art, London. My goal is to explore creative direction and the intersection of immersive technologies with creative advertising, paving the way for a specialised career.


❤️ Currently, as a freelancer and multimedia creative, I'm channelling my expansive skills into diverse creative projects. My mission is to deliver meticulously crafted, impactful digital content that resonates, engages, and achieves unparalleled organic results.