I'm Polina, a passionate multimedia creative on a journey of continuous growth and learning. Currently, I'm refining my craft at the Royal College of Art in London, where my primary focus lies in the fascinating realm of design and visual entertainment for both virtual and augmented worlds.

My academic journey peaked at the University of Leeds, where I evolved as a filmmaker and honed my versatility in the creative field. My creative abilities were further enriched during my time at Tungsten Media LTD, where I evolved as a marketer. Over the years, I've acquired a diverse skill set ranging from video editing, filmmaking, and motion graphics to illustration.

Now, I'm setting my sights on mastering the art of 3D design. At my core, I'm an easy-going individual, but I never compromise on responsibility and quality. Every project I undertake is a testament to my commitment to deliver work that exemplifies the best of my abilities. Looking forward to creating captivating visual experiences with you!